The Museum of HIV+AIDS Art

More than Art. Its Our Lives.

The Museum of HIV+AIDS Art (MoHAA) is a virtual museum and memorial forest. All art is created, or inspired, by persons living with HIV/AIDS. The exhibitions are presented online in a scenic memorial forest dedicated to persons living with, or lost to, HIV/AIDS.

Visitors are invited to explore a digital landscape where every tree has a life of its own. The scenic journey through our Forest is highlighted by art exhibitions showcasing lives and perspectives from around the world with explorations in a variety of mediums.

As our Forest grows, there will be a tree per life and our virtual world will encompass every life living with, and lost to, HIV–that’s 79.3 million trees. New Dedications are always welcomed as part of our dream of naming every tree.

Recent Posts

  • A few of Our Dedications

    A few of our first tree dedications. Many more to come!

  • Thumbnail for the post titled: Living Hope

    Living Hope

    by Janeli Alejandra Janeli Alejandra is a Millennial Chicana, wife and mother living with HIV. When’s she’s not working, chasing after kiddos or binging Real Housewives she’s working to destigmatize…

  • Thumbnail for the post titled: Lives I’ve Known

    Lives I’ve Known

    by Armando Sebastian, Ally Armando Sebastian was born in Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico where he pursued a career at the University of Nuevo León. Sebastian is a self-taught artist and most…

  • Museum Preview

    In honor of World AIDS Day, we wanted to release a preview of The Museum of HIV+AIDS Art. We would like to thank Bas van der Kruk for being our…

  • Thumbnail for the post titled: Artist Spotlight: Bas Van Der Kruk

    Artist Spotlight: Bas Van Der Kruk

    There is something about art that can connect people unlike anything else known to mankind. While subjective by nature art only speaks in one language, with happens to be emotions!…

  • The Start of Something New

    Since our initial conception in 2018, we have been searching for ways to bring lasting change to the lives of those impact by HIV. What started out as “Not Equal…

  • What Pride Means: Visibility

    Our month is an outward display of strength and support–equally for ourselves as for others. Pride is a celebration of visibility. A celebration of our collective coming out.