Artist Spotlight: Bas Van Der Kruk

There is something about art that can connect people unlike anything else known to mankind. While subjective by nature art only speaks in one language, with happens to be emotions! What we consider good or bad art is an outward reflection of how we feel about any given piece of art. This is the magic of art and the magic of our featured artist Bas Van Der Kruk. An artist that blends physical movement with the fluidity of paint and the suggestive nature of written words.

All rights reserved by Bas Van Der Kruk. Used with permission.

Bas Van Der Kruk started his artistic journey when introduced to classical ballet and contemporary dance at age seven. Since then, he never stopped moving, but it wouldn’t be until later in his life that he would realize that dance alone wasn’t enough. He started playing with spoken word and paint while in college. Often combining these disciplines, he believes that each element should be able to stand on its own. A challenge he faces head-on with every project he starts.

Curve, 2020: Acrylic paint and gold leaf on canvas

While we can go on and on about Bas Van Der Kruk we invite you to discover him on his website: Here you can connect with this artist directly and find links to his Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube channel. You will also be able to see learn about his education, past works, and so much more. We look forward to sharing the completion of his latest project soon.

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