Our Leadership

The Founders

Started in 2018 as “Not Equal To” what is now known as “The Museum of HIV+AIDS Art” was founded by three friends looking for a way to unite all HIV communities.

Alexander Deets
James Deets
Tracy Sullivan

Advisory Board

This amazing group of advisers support The Museum of HIV+AIDS Art in a number of important ways. From helping with our overall strategy to helping us sharpen our ability to make an impact with the work we do. We are grateful for their support in our collective efforts.

Board of Directors

United by a deep commitment in ending the silent HIV epidemic affecting over 36.9 million people around the world, our board gives life to the vision, mission, and value to The Museum of HIV+AIDS Art.

Jacob Sandler
James Deets
Tracy Sullivan
Alexander Deets
Information Chair
David Shannon
Experience Chair
Kevin Saddler
Marketing Chair